The company is founded by Md.Afaz Uddin(Tanim) along with the CEO and staff, insist that all clients receive the highest quality of service.There is no compromise on quality and this has always been the company’s philosophy.Immi Links is one of Bangladesh most trusted and respected Migration Agent. The Immi Links that cares about you and your ambitions. Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or professional, we can assist with all your Business and Skill Migration to Australia and Canada.

We know you’ve come here looking for answers about migrating. We understand you don’t want to spend hours and hours researching. As a Migration Agent we realise you want to know up-front what your costs will be, so you can plan accordingly.

We strongly agree – the visa process shouldn’t make you confused or anxious and it shouldn’t be expensive or time-consuming. To ensure you have the best possible experience.With a range of packages for professionals, you can select the level of service and features as you need and know how much the whole process will cost before you begin. You can start with some free advice from our experienced migration team.

Immi Links is proud to offer a professional and experienced immigration service that puts people and their needs first. We have worked diligently on every case to ensure our clients have the best possible chance of success. We look forward to continuing this work with you, so please contact us today.